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This website is a companion to the introductory botany textbook, “Botany in Your Backyard,” by George Rogers at Palm Beach State College in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. If you’re in the PBSC class, so glad you found the website. Put it to good use!  If you stumbled in,  welcome, glad you too are here!  I’d love to hear from you.  Perhaps you will find something useful here.  And you are welcome to buy the textbook by contacting me.

Links to Full Textbook and Lab Manual


CLICK HERE for full PDF of textbook, second edition updated and re-edited summer 2017.


Each lesson has a link near the beginning to an MP3 audio podcast giving the pronunciations of the “Key Vocabulary Up Front” list associated with each text lesson.

Quick Quiz Answers

Quick Quiz questions are in the text.  Answers are all together on a page at the end of this site.

 Purposes for This Site

Calyptra on Callicostella pallida
Calyptra on Callicostella pallida

The textbook and site have two intentions:

1. Affordability,  moving most of the color pictures and ancillary materials onto this website where they are available at no cost.   The aim is to hold the cost of the textbook to approximately $15-$25.

2.  Simplicity, constraint, and easy navigation.  It has been my experience that students in an introductory course generally do not need thick glossy textbooks with five times the information they will learn. Our book is modest and user-friendly, yet rich in info.

This website follows the chapters in the book. Here you will find photographs to accompany the text, practice quizzes, and additional extra materials.


If there is no attribution for an image, I shot it or drew it.  All work by others is explicitly permitted, and attributed.  Such additions are either direct contributions, or derived from sources with allowed noncommercial or commercial use.  Many photographs of locally native species are the work of my friend John Bradford.  Dr. George Shepherd makes his sharp vibrant photos available for botanical education through Creative Commons.

Practice Quizzes

For each lesson, after the photos you will find a practice quiz.

Odontonella sinense,  large marine diatom, from Intracoastal near Hobe Sound, Florida
Odontonella sinense, large marine diatom, from Intracoastal near Hobe Sound, Florida


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